Promotion vs. Prevention in Encouraging Ethical Employee Behavior

The way that goals are promoted within company culture and the manner in which task directives are given play an important role in how employees will pursue their duties. Companies either focus on preventing negative outcomes, or achieving positive ones. Will you say "do" or "don't?" The question is which one is more effective?

HR Today speaks with Harvard Business School professors, Francesca Gino and Joshua D. Margolis, authors of the research "Bringing Ethics into Focus How Regulatory Focus and Risk Preferences Influence (Un)ethical Behavior."

The HBS professors talk about their research and how you can encourage ethical behavior amongst your workforce with simple changes. This podcast will also discuss

- What HR must understand about the the human psyche.
- Applying this knowledge to framing task directives.
- The implications of this research on managerial strategies.
- Companies that are incorporating a prevention focus into their bottom line.