Undercover Boss: The Inside Story

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Allan Hoving

Undercover Boss, the popular reality TV series on CBS, premiered right after the Super Bowl last year to an audience of almost 40 million viewers; it was the most-watched premiere of a reality show in TV history. The new book of the same name goes "behind the scenes" of the Emmy-nominated program that puts chief executives on the front lines -- and at the ground floor -- of their own companies. In this podcast interview, Eli Holzman, president and cofounder of Studio Lambert USA, which launched and executive-produces the show, discusses:

1.) The genesis of the idea for "Undercover Boss"
2.) Why the show is such an emotional experience for all involved
3.) The value of employee engagement and recognition
4.) How the bosses are transformed and how they transform their businesses as a result
5.) What lessons "Undercover Boss" has for all leaders and the people who work for them

And more!