Understanding How Learning Impacts Organizational Culture

Katherine Mehr

In this podcast, Greg Inozemcev of JETBLUE Airways, shares how learning has an impact on organizational culture.

Organizational culture, the values that operate within an organization and the impact it has, is considered a critical building block for a successful organization.

According to Inozemcev, Leadership Facilitator, Organizational Effectiveness for JETBLUE Airways, assessing organizational behavior is important to understand where the organization is as a whole and to determine which development opportunities are available. The goal is to find out where the organization should be focusing their resources to have the most impact.

The focus is on the people. People drive organizations. Developing a culture where employees want to engage and can be creative will allow the organization to be successful.

One way to engage the workforce is to provide learning opportunities that will reap benefit on the individual and the organization as a whole. Learning is one of the many aspects that drive culture.

"Culture shapes our learning initiatives and the learning programs we have in place help reinforce the culture we created," Inozemcev said. He said the senior leaders at JETBLUE are responsible for building the foundation of initiatives that helped establish the culture where people want to learn. Which, in turn, makes JETBLUE a place where people want to work.