vRetta Shifts Paradigm from E-Learning to Cloud Learning

TORONTO - August 18, 2010 - vRetta, an education company that uses cutting-edge immersive technologies to create business simulations, e-learning courses and online learning platforms, announced today the industry’s need for a paradigm shift from standard e-learning to Cloud Learning.

"Standard e-learning is in need of a radical transformation," says Anand Karat, President of vRetta. "People are being trained using e-learning courses which are nothing but slideshows with an audio track that have minimal interactivity. It’s time to provide learners with enriching and impactful learning experiences."

"Today, emerging Cloud Learning technologies are enabling organizations to deliver their e-learning content through a virtualized pool of thousands of remotely hosted secure servers across the globe," says Charles Anifowose, Director of New Media at vRetta.

Cloud Learning technologies increase the bandwidth available for content delivery, permitting the use of immersive cinematographic techniques to create highly engaging business simulations that enhance the learning experience. These highly interactive experiences feed into sophisticated, data-rich statistical software, which administrators use to assess and evaluate both hard- and soft-skills learning outcomes.

vRetta announces the need for a paradigm shift from Standard E-learning to Cloud Learning through the release of this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmZL-5h5zeE

About vRetta

vRetta specializes in the production of finely-tailored training and learning content, course design, learning platforms, and statistical assessment and evaluation tools that are delivered on-demand. vRetta also offers its expertise in providing organizations and academic institutions with learning solutions through its consultative practices.

While empowering learners with virtual simulations and immersive learning tools, vRetta’s Cloud Learning stimulates engagement and learner retention, which significantly reduces the time to proficiency and improves ROI on training initiatives.

For more information, visit www.vretta.com.