Blending Social Media from the Grassroots

Posted: 07/07/2010

Many of you come to events to learn from one another in a more informal basis than the classroom style traditionally allows for. The "group therapy" learning format allows all of the attendees to share ideas around the topic and learn from one another. To facilitate this learning, in this session you will hear a scenario based on an actual social media for recruitment launch in the first half of the session.

Afterwards, the session leader, Mark Sullivan, Director of Talent Acquisition for the Texas Region of Time Warner Cable, will ask the audience to brainstorm alternate solutions to key roadblocks he came across, new methods to prevent such challenges in the future and methods for expanding this grassroots campaign to a national level! Discussion points will include:

1. Understanding the difference between "having social media" and "using
social media" in the context of this scenario

2. Examining the process to spring board social media from the grassroots level
– initial steps, challenges and successes

3. Discussing alternate options and strategies – ask the audience

4. Establishing the business plan