Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Social Media Recruiting Efforts

Posted: 08/30/2010

LinkedIn has transformed over the years to become one of the most powerful recruiting tools. LinkedIn is not primarily used for recruiting, as it is a professional networking tool, but the byproduct of that is the ability to very effectively recruit for passive talent.

Recruiters turn to LinkedIn before looking at other tools for recruiting because the membership is so valuable and the people using LinkedIn are opting into it. In most cases, they are not looking for new opportunities but they are interested about having conversations about future opportunities. It’s one of the few places in the world that gives recruiting teams the ability to do that.

By creating a strong and robust professional brand, employers have the opportunity to discover passive talent. With social media and technology evolving every day, it’s very important that employers stay ahead of the curve, by having discussions with passive candidates and certainly keeping an eye on the market trends.

Mike Nesser, Corporate Solutions for LinkedIn, discusses with Human Resources IQ how LinkedIn plays a significant part in recruiting talent and where LinkedIn will evolve in the near future to make recruiting efforts easier and more user-friendly.

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