Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent: A Discussion with NFL SVP of Talent Management Mike Smith

Posted: 09/07/2015
The NFL likes impact players - both on and off the gridiron.
As Mike Smith, Senior Vice President of Talent Management at the National Football League, will tell you recruiting and retaining these MVPs starts with developing a playbook. "My approach is to take a complex area and break it down into parts. I break talent management strategy down into different processes," explained Smith.
"The first process is how do we attract and onboard the best professionals, who we think will be culture fits for our organization. Secondly, I think about how will we motivate them, how do we actually unlock their passions so they are motivated t give maximum efffort every day."

"Thirdly, I think about how do we assess them. What are we doing to solicit input about them, but also, seeking their input about the organization. Fourthly, I think about how do we deveop them, how do we actually make sure they aree the best professional they can be.

Next, I think about what we are doing to reward them with both financial and non-financial rewards to recognize performance. And, lastly, I think about how do we retain our best and exit the people we think are better served elsewhere.
Smith cautions that human part of the human capital strategy is the key to success. " You can have the best strategy but day, it really comes down to people executing that strategy, coming up with the next innovative product, delivering on a customer’s expectations. Unless you have the people part of the equation right, ultimately you’ll fail."