Strategic Onboarding: A Best Practice Journey

Posted: 07/14/2009

In this video, William Greenwald, Director of Business Advisory Group at Humana, describes his company's onboarding program.

Onboarding during today’s downturn economy doesn’t seem to be a priority for many organizations. Rather than focusing on onboarding, acquiring the right talent and developing them for the future holds more precedence for many companies. But, while we are riding the storm, we are still fighting the war on talent.

Wouldn’t you agree that properly onboarding talent and providing them with the tools to succeed will in turn leverage your organization’s probability of both short and long-term success?

The answer lies in what your organization determines to be its core values/vision. For William Greenwald, Director of Business Advisory Group at Humana, onboarding serves as a platform that helps employees become paramount leaders.

To become a leader, Greenwald says you must do your research and analyze the current state of the business internally and externally. Determine internally where the business currently stands—how well is the organization performing? Externally, see what’s going on in other companies. Benchmark and brainstorm to develop ideas that could possibly work for your organization.

Greenwald shares Humana’s onboarding strategy and how their journey through implementation and execution has leveraged their success and helped develop fine leaders.

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