Becoming a True Business Partner with Learning and Development

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Brittany Hink

When analyzing C-Suite relationships within any organization many look to the Chief Financial Officer or even the Chief Operating Officer as being the right hand to any CEO. However, Chief Learning Officers are quickly taking a seat at the table due to the concerns that CEOs have on talent development and retention.
In order to improve cross-functional relationships CLOs are working on strategies to enhance organizational communication by creating a learning culture throughout the entire organization. Incorporating learning into the company culture leads to employee development and retention across all departments and improves the overall performance of the organization.
To become a true business partner with other C-level executives, there must be a mutual understanding of the benefits that come from strong learning and development strategies across all departments. As CLOs continue to enhance the development of employees across all departments, they gain trust and authority from all senior leadership, making them a crucial member of the executive team.
Annette Thompson, the Chief Learning Officer and Senior Vice President with Farmers Insurance sat down with us to discuss her role as a Chief Learning Officer. During her interview, she explains why it is crucial to become both a business expert and a learning and development expert. Click here to hear more from Thompson’s thoughts on becoming a true business partner.