MetLife SVP Kate Day Discusses Technical Talent Development

Leah Williams

As Vice President of Workforce Enablement of Global Technology & Operations at MetLife, Kate Day has found that innovative programs have made an imact on the company’s ability to attract and retain its talented young technology workforce.

"Millennials, particularly those who work in technology, want to be developed," Day explains. "There’s a hunger to be up-to-date on the latest and greatest technologies. So, we developed a fivemonth program, which builds technology, business acumen and communication skills to enable learners to solve real-life problems. The program culminates in the presentation of the learner’s solution to our executives as the capstone project," Day continues. "Our Chief Technology Officer funded some of the best projects. That’s a unique experience for someone so early in his or her career. In internal surveys, we found this program really helps us to retain our talented young tech workforce."

Day explains that its open-source platform, MTU Connect, is another tool to develop its tech workforce while enabling connections among learners, managers and the business.

"Each learner can see his or her tailored learning map and scoreboard, which reflects the individual’s progress in technology, communication and executive presentation skills. This becomes a vehicle for feedback sessions with the employee’s program and hiring managers," Day notes. "And so, this also provides a foundation for managers to have conversations with his or her associates."

"Finally," Day explains, "it connects the business to both the worker and the manager by facilitating a dialog of the projects we want the learner to focus upon."