How Pei Wei Asian Diner Optimizes Training Across the Organization

Leah Williams

Gina Marcoff, Vice President of Training & Development at Pei Wei Asian Diner, discusses optimizing training at all levels across the organization.

Please desribe your role and respnsibilities.

Our department is responsible for all of the onboarding and learning and development for every level across the organization -- from hourly employees to managers to regional vice presidents. We handle all national rollouts and testing for anything that has to do with operations. Plus, we handle all new store openings.

What are some outsourcing considerations?

When it comes to the decision of whether to outsource or develop in-house, certainly cost is an issue, but you also need to take in mind the timing of the project. Is it something that's urgent, which may be accomplished aster by outsourcing?

Another consideration is the talent that you have in-house. Considering the technology required, do you have the talent and skillset to get it done?

The level of importance of the project is also a factor. Currently, we are looking to update our Vision and Mission statements. Could we do that in house? Possibly, but I wouldn rather bring in an expert for something that critical to the organization.

How do you identify the right vendor?

For me, it's not only finding a company with great experise in that field , it's also about a relationship as well. I need to be able to articulate what it is I'm trying to solve for, but also be able to share what obstacles we might have that could impact the efficacy of the solution. And so, I need vendors to be able to brainstorm and get very strategic with me so that I'm starting with the end in mind.

Developing Business requirements for Outsourced Projects

Being able to partner with an outside vendor that allows you the ability to make future edits low or no cost is huge. For example, the ability to edit content in-house is incredibly helpful and saves time and cost.

Choosing the Right Content Delivery Channels

I always like to start with the end in mind and consider whteher the content is ths appropriate to be delivered electronically, or would it be more effective delivered face to face? Then, if I choose to deliver content electronically, how do I tie that into job performance so I can validate that the content they received can be translated to their skillset on the job.

What are your top challenges?

Attracting, developing and inspiring people are my top challenges. As I work with a great range of individuals from Millennials to Baby Boomers, I must really think about the best modes of delivery and how I can make my programs efficient, but also flexible, concise and individualized.