Establishing a Thriving 'Pull' Learning Organization

Katherine Mehr

Figuring out how to encourage employees to share information and network better with one another remains a challenge within many organizations. However, the small investment in time dedicated to this will drive significant productivity when employees share information.

Microsoft has established a learning that focuses on "Pull" vs. "Push" theory. According to Phil Morel, Director of Microsoft, the "Push" theory is more like a big brother. It is a format that drives mandated information for compliance issues or even strategic information that every employee must learn. As a result of pushing the content, managers are less likely to find a receptive audience to it.

On the contrary, Morel spends a lot of time with his team to encourage people to "Pull" on the basis that if they find what they are looking for they are more likely to consume and retain the knowledge in the content.

Morel discusses with Human Resources IQ how organizations can create platforms to drive collaboration, build a community and encourage all employees to share ideas and knowledge that is highly accessible at any point in time.