Converting Education Management into a Strategic Initiative with Long-Term Sustainability

This video interview will address the support, development and measurement of innovative learning programs at Ernst & Young University (EYU). Ernst & Young's professional commitment is evidenced by the voluntary cooperation of nearly 380 professionals from managers to partners in the roles of training instructors and coordinators.

Armando Lourenzo, Corporate University Director at EYU, answers the following questions:

  1. What role do the leaders and key partners at Ernst & Young play in the corporate learning function?

  2. What kinds of certification programs do they have in place, and what function to they serve to maximize organizational performance?

  3. In what ways do they ensure that training programs are helping the individual employees reach their goals while supporting business objectives?

  4. How did E&Y deploy its peer tutor program and how does this serves your company’s bottom line?

  5. How are results measured using the evaluation system?