The Challenge With Traditional Training and Creating Change

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Leah Williams

“US companies spent over a $160 billion on training, and when surveyed those companies reported that they felt very underwhelmed by the long term ROI from that investment.”

InJoy Global COO and Co-Founder Jeff Baietto was a keynote speaker at the IQPC's Chief Talent Officer Exchange in July of 2017.  He discussed the company's online gamified reinforcement platform menat to reinforce any cultural change with an organization.  The point of the platform isn't so much to create a positive culture as it is to sustain it.

During his address, Baietto pointed to a Harvard Business Review article that reported the biggest complaint companies have is they don't have a way to reinforce learning after training was done.  He unless you have a way to reinforce those learning, "there's not going to be any change."

Watch an excerpt from his speech below: