Top 10 – Best Articles for June 2019

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Technology and recruitment were the focus of human resources articles throughout the month of June.  Other topics on the list include analytics and dealing with sexual harassment. Here are the top HR articles from June 2019.

  1. HR tech is amazing equalizer in quest for diversity and inclusion

“In the world of HR, technology can truly be an amazing equalizer. After all, even with the best of intentions, implicit biases may sneak into the resume selection of even the most well-intentioned of managers.” 


For some time now HR professionals have tried, and failed in some respects, to remove bias from the recruitment process.  It’s not an easy prospect.  Leaders are looking everywhere for strategies that put an end to bias.  Enter HR technology.  In her piece published on Campaign Live, Gradient managing partner Pauline Oudin discusses how technology can be leveraged to stave off the impact of bias on the recruitment process.  Going a step further, Oudin also discusses what needs to get done in order for technology to work with respect to diversity and inclusion.  Read more here.

  1. 5 Ways HR and IT Can Work Together to Create Great Employee Experiences

Human resources has grown over the years from just being a transactional entity.  In fact, it’s much more involved now than it has been before.  A part of the involvement, of course, is its interaction with other departments at their respective companies and none are more tedious than the partnership between HR and IT.  In their June 24th article, the Harvard Business Review published five ways the two departments can work together to the benefit of the employee, specifically enriching the employee experience.  Some of those strategies include building and structuring new work teams and making technology investments together.  Click here for more.

  1. How To Build Trust Into The Recruitment Process

Trust has become incredibly important when it comes to HR.  Just ask any current or prospective employee and that’s what you’ll hear.  The funny thing about trust, however, is it’s not given but earned.  So, how does HR build trust with new employees during the recruitment process?  Start by listening according to an article from Forbes on the topic.  Author Karla Reffold said, “Why should someone trust me to deliver for them if I haven’t listened to what they need?”  More ways to build trust into the recruitment process can be found here.

  1. Defining Sexual Harassment

In the current age of work, one of the more difficult topics to discuss and to address is that of sexual harassment in the workplace.  With the #metoo movement in full swing, it is top of mind for almost every HR professional and department in the country.  All of that said most have a hard time defining what sexual harassment is let alone trying to identify and deal with it.  This month, the HR Exchange Network published a piece that focuses solely on defining the term.  It goes into extreme detail about how the U.S. defines the term.  It also discusses the term from a global perspective and dispels several myths about sexual harassment.  Details here.

  1. AI and Blockchain in Human Resources


Since their individual inceptions, both artificial intelligence and blockchain have been looked at as viable HR technologies.  Now, Dr. Tirath Virdee, the director of Artificial Intelligence for Capita Plc says the “whole employee life cycle will be disrupted by the implementation of digital identity in the form that can be realized using Blockchain technology.”  AI, which is a bit older than blockchain, is already being used and in droves.  For instance, AI has already been built into many strategies including that of recruitment.  To read more from Dr. Virdee on how artificial intelligence and blockchain continue to disrupt HR, click here.

  1. Why Relationships are The Next Great Advancement in People Analytics

HR loves data.  That isn’t going to change anytime soon.  Data is the key to measuring ROI, but also predicting outcomes of certain situations and even predicting, for instance, when a person might leave their job and when to start hiring for that “soon-to-be-open” position.  Knowing that, Visier Chief Strategy Officer Dave Weisbeck says there are four key changes every HR professional “needs to understand and start measuring – to help their organizations.”  Weisbeck says that includes outcomes replacing rules and orders and continuous change, just to name a few.  For more details, click here.

  1. We’re All Millennials

“Oh those pesky Millennials…has there ever been a generation that has taken it in the shorts more often than these guys and girls?”

HR Exchange Network contributor John Whitaker brings his sharp writing style to the topic of millennials.  Not so much why millennials are good or bad, though he does touch on that, but why WE are all millennials.  Whitaker makes the case by explaining how previous generations have changed and what that’s meant for HR.  Read the full article here.

  1. What’s Your Experience with Employee Experience?

Talent matters according to HR thought leader Dave Ulrich.  He says talent “clearly underlies how organizations operate.”  As a result, there has been a huge push to better the employee experience.  And there are lots of ideas out there.  In his article, Ulrich takes a look at what’s unique about employee experience ideas and how those will improve the understanding of people at work.  Read more here.

  1. Top 9 Quotes: HR Tech Online Summit

During the month of June, the HR Exchange Network presented its HR Tech Online Summit North America online event.  The two day event included speakers from Allegion, Silicon Valley Bank, Parkland Health and Hospital System just to name a few.  The event was sponsored by Digi-Me and Rosetta Stone.  After the event, the editorial team pulled what they considered to be the best 9 quotes from the presentations.  To read those quotes and to watch every presentation from HR Tech Online Summit North America, click here.

  1. Developing Talent Through the “Future Learning Ecosystem”

Learning is in demand from workers.  Regardless of age and skill level, every worker wants the opportunity to develop.  But the landscape is changing.  New technologies are brining new delivery systems to light and content has to change to meet the need of the worker.  All of these things make up the learning ecosystem and if you haven’t already, your company needs to start planning how its learning ecosystem will survive in the future.  In her article, Sae Schatz explains several steps that every organization needs to take in order to reach this goal.  Click here for the details.

HR Exchange Live:  Corporate Learning

Speaking of learning, the HR Exchange Network is preparing for its next online event:  HR Exchange Live – Corporate Learning.  The event is set for September 17-18.  To look at the events key themes, the agenda and to register for FREE, click here.