HR Shared Services Success With Cloud-based Manager Self-service

Michelle Grant

While Employee Self-Service (ESS) has gained popularity and contributes heavily to better operating margins for employers, why has Manager Self-Service (MSS) lagged?

Two major reasons:

1) Until recently, there had been no significant innovation in MSS technologies;
2) A lack of understanding of its relative importance in overall profitability and workforce management made it a lower priority.

No HR Shared Services (HRSS) solution can be truly effective without a robust MSS application sitting on top of a company’s knowledgebase – one that enables line managers to perform online HR tasks and search for policies and procedures across a wide spectrum of HR processes – without HR intervention.

Advancements in the functionality of cloud computing, best-in-class advisory content for HR managers and professionals can now be communicated via a hosted, online knowledgebase housing HR policies, benefits, decision support tools, and up-to-date regulatory information, procedures, best practices, FAQs, and policies – all researched, created and maintained by HR professionals.

Through automating administrative HR processes and empowering your organization’s managers, your HR staff can focus on strategic, value-added employee initiatives -- solutions that directly support business operations and company programs and substantially improve a company’s bottom line.

Manager Self Service benefits include enabling managers to focus on hiring, crossboarding and succession planning in order to build the most effective team, successfully completing employee performance reviews within company deadlines and per company standards, approval of time off, training and salary adjustments, – all empowering managers to successfully manage their teams with less dependence on your HR department thus maximizing workforce potential while reducing HR involvement and increasing your organization’s margins.

  • A SaaS based manager self service system with an underlying knowledgebase enables:
  • A single point of access to personalized information based on roles of managers and their staff
  • On-demand coaching for consistent execution of company policies
  • Effectiveness of manager self-service solutions by merging relative content with decision support tools
  • Minimization of risk and increased compliance by arming managers with accurate answers for employees.
  • Access to manager handbooks, policies, coaching and "fast answers"
  • On-demand, configurable, searchable knowledgebase with policies, work/life event checklists, and customized HR content
  • Access to thousands of up-to-date state and federal regulations, best practices, case studies, and checklists to ensure 100 percent compliance with current legislation reducing legal and administrative costs
  • Company branded look and feel
  • Integration with all popular HR, ESS, MSS and eBenefits solutions

Adopting manager self service with SaaS technology is rapidly becoming recognized as a key to HR service delivery success – and a best practice for Human Resources Shared Services.