Going Global: Shared Services as a Key Component to Organizational Expansion

As organizations reinvent human resources as a strategic business partner, taking the HR function global presents a new set of challenges. As administrative tasks are streamlined and HR becomes a value-added partner to help organizations achieve their goals, there are many major changes to be considered once a company reaches the global stage.

Human Resources iQ speaks with Steve Parker, Vice President of North America for the Jeitosa Group International.

This podcast talks about some key issues that are arising in the globalization of shared services for human resources, and will discuss:

- Trends happening within the global population currently using a shared service model.
- Issues that prevent businesses from achieving success with their global shared services model.
- What an organization can do to overcome these challenges.
- What a company should consider when choosing a location for the service center.
- How an organization can use change management to support the transition.