Smooth Operations: HR's Value-Added Propositions as a Result of Shared Services

Shared service centers are changing more than the way HR delivers service: many companies are achieving improved business processes and customer-valued outcomes through enhanced talent management and other initiatives. Much of this success is due to HR’s strategic alignment with business operations.

HR Today talks to Abhishek Argawal, Head of Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning at MGL Americas. Argawal talks about some of the new initiatives that HR is able to deploy as a result of their shared services center at MGL.

This podcast will discuss:

- How have HR activities been reorganized within your business since the implementation of your shared services center.
- How MGL uses company's service center make effective use of customer service feedback.
- How to ensure that your shared services are fitting your unique business need.
- Systems in place to communicate, measure and track performance of the organization.