HR Shared Services Professionals Meet in London to Discuss Practical Cost Cutting Steps

The business of shared services and outsourcing has become progressively more challenging, and with global economic recovery lagging behind, industry action has become necessary. To this end, shared services directors from global corporations such as GSK, Diageo and Coca-Cola will meet to share their positions on outsourcing and shared services contributions to their businesses.

Experts in the field of shared services and outsourcing will join directors of worldwide corporations to share policy details and find common solutions to shared problems at SSON’s HR Transformation: Outsourcing and Shared Services conference this October. Now more than ever cooperation between large firms and experts is necessary to ensure profitability. As the SSC Director of Becton-Dickinson said, it is "Very valuable to compare the actual trends to what my company is doing and see lines of vision for the future."

The summit will benefit from presentations from world leaders in the field, and state institutions, covering topics from future closer industry collaboration to global resource optimisation to manage costs. It will also invite input from newer members of the shared services community through various round table and panel discussions, where it is hoped a fresh perspective may provide novel solutions to the mounting challenges that face shared services organisations.

With budgets becoming ever more tightly scrutinised, the Shared Services sector, "Must align itself with the business units and work like hell to identify and produce the services they need," says Jack Cooper, CIO of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

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