Corporate Learning / Employee Development
Contributor: Kevin Kruse
Posted: 04/06/2014
Kevin Kruse
Too often we think employee engagement must be a corporate-wide initiative led by HR. On the contrary, employee engagement is something you can lead yourself, right now. Full Article »
Contributor: Alexandra Guadagno
Posted: 02/21/2012
podcast hr today
Eric Matas, Editor for eLearning Weekly Magazine, joins HRIQ to discuss the future of eLearning. He will share: - How effective eLearning and mLearning content design compares - What makes mLearning more effective than eLearning - How learners respond to mLearning and traditional eLearning Full Podcast »
Contributor: Hirra Pervaiz
Posted: 02/28/2012
Hirra Pervaiz
Employee turnover is a major concern for many organizations today. High employee turnover can have a devastating effect on a company, especially if the lost employees are high performers. Although there are several factors that influence the decision to leave an organization, one factor that is linked with the decision to stay is training. Full Column »