The Business Case for Transforming Frontline Worker Development

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Some 60 Million frontline workers in the US do not have a college degree, and while many of those individuals would like to advance their education in order to build a more rewarding career, tuition and fees are, too often, a barrier. Traditional educational assistance programs, like tuition reimbursement programs often lack the flexibility needed by frontline workers, and often those programs do not cover the full range of educational needs for them.

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The Business Case for Transforming Frontline Worker Development whitepaper addresses recruitment, retention, and employee development issues that are becoming more prevalent in an increasingly competitive market, with non-traditional competitors emerging and employees having more choices for employment opportunity.

In addition, it…

  1. reviews the challenges of frontline worker development
  2. presents a new model for education benefits
  3. provides an overview of strategic alignment to the organization’s goals from a C-suite perspective

The Business Case for Transforming Frontline Worker Development also helps you discover how to develop employee skill sets, expand their knowledge, and increase their job performance. Also, learn how to drive competitiveness, profitability, and employee success with a strategic educational approach that’s low cost to your employees.

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