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Contributor: Leah Williams
Posted: 04/11/2016
Ericsson CLO Brad Samargya Discusses Networked Society Learning
In this interview, Brad Samargya, Chief Learning Officer at Ericsson, discusses networked society learning. "The challenge is then, how do you raise the competence levels of (employees) around the globe in a way that supports business objectives and instills the Ericsson way in a cost-effective manner." Brad Samargya, Chief Learning Officer, Ericsson Full Article »
Contributor: Leah Williams
Posted: 05/22/2017
As Vice President of Training & Development at UnitedHealth Group, Deborah Wiest makes it her priority to o build a learning culture, ensure that training was effective and new ways to measure behavior change. Full Video »
Contributor: Katherine Mehr
Posted: 07/09/2009
podcast hr today
"To accomplish the Air Force mission in an environment of accelerating change, we will need to recruit, train and educate Airmen with agile minds and cutting edge skills," states the mission statement for the Air Education and Training Command, the learning organization for the United States Air Force. Many of today’s U.S. Air Force new Full Podcast »
Contributor: Kristen Schipfer-Barrett
Posted: 08/01/2016
Without a doubt, disruption is the buzzword of the hour. Everywhere you look, the notion of disruption is used to describe some change that is occurring, or has occurred, that seems to alter the very fabric of mankind. Full Column »
Posted: 05/31/2011
Aligning Training with Corporate Strategy
This whitepaper from Impact International looks at four key challenges that must be addressed by learning organizations to effectively align corporate training with business strategy. Drawing on examples from a number of leading companies, we suggest that the best vehicle for sustainable organization development is to engage training participants i Full Whitepaper »