Best HR Articles of 2018

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It’s been a busy year for Human Resources.  We’ve seen advancements in AI.  There has been a shift in focus to talent management.  We’ve even seen Blockchain technology become a topic of discussion.  Here are the Best HR Articles of 2018.

1.  The Rise Of AI In HR: Nine Notable Developments That Wil Impact Recruiting And Hiring

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are continuing their respective courses through the heart of HR.  In one of their articles on the topic last month, Forbes asked their Human Resources Council about the technologies’ impact on human resources, specifically in the areas of recruiting and hiring.  Responses included more accurate candidate marketing, proactive candidate selection and accelerated times-to-hire.  Read the entire article here.

2.  Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age

Talent acquisition is changing, and HR must change with it. In the process, Talent Acquisition costs have jumped by 26% over the last few years according to Gartner.  How does HR respond to the shifting balance of power as it moves away from the employer to the candidate?  Our editor, Mason Stevenson, and HR Exchange Network columnist John Whitaker takes a deep dive into the topic and answers that question by looking at that new research from Gartner and discussing the “Look Down” generation.  For more, click here.

3.  Social Capital: The Next Frontier for HR

“There should be little doubt that human capital is a firm’s greatest asset. However, this isn’t enough. Organizations must also ensure that individuals are relationally positioned for optimal success.” Michael Arena, Chief Talent Officer, General Motors

In other words, according to Arena, bringing in the best people is only part of the solution.  Firms must also bring out the best in people.  That’s why social capital must be embraced by HR professionals. 

Throughout the piece, Arena breaks down the two primary aspects of social capital and how they are relevant to HR practices.  He also goes into detail on how to use the information effectively.  To read the whole article, click here.

4.  Talent Matters to All Stakeholders

There is no question that talent matters to an organization’s success. Talent (workforce, people, competence, skills) has been the bailiwick for HR, captured in the maxim, “war for talent.” This talent emphasis has led to innumerable innovations in how firms bring people into the organization, move them through the organization, and appropriately move them out of the organization.

In this piece, HR thought leader Dave Ulrich takes a closer look at the stakeholders involved and their perspective on talent. 

Read the full article here.

5.  3 Ways Blockchain Will Disrupt HR

Technology and its continued disruption of human resources is well documented. From people analytics to wearable technology, professionals within the HR community continue to grapple with the challenges presented by the disruption.  It is right, then, to consider one of the newest technologies to impact the HR community. That technology is Blockchain.  HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson defines how Blockchain works and its potential HR applications.  Read it here.


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