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Winning on the Home Front

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The HR Exchange Network is gearing up for its next online event:  HR and Future of Work.  Scheduled for March 24 and 25, the event promises to engage human resources professionals in conversation about the topics that fall under the future of work umbrella.

Some of those include:

Another area the event will cover is the internal talent economy.  The issue will be discussed on March 24 at 2p EST.  The presenter is:

Andrew Saidy

VP of Talent Digitization, Employer Branding

and University Relations.

Schneider Electric

HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson interviewed Saidy on the future of work and the internal talent economy.

The Internal Talent Economy

Mason Stevenson

When thinking about the future of work, what excites you most?

Andrew Saidy

What excites me most are the new technologies that are going to support employees in making leaps in speed, agility, efficiency, productivity and overall performance.

Mason Stevenson
Same question, but what concerns you most?

Andrew Saidy

Bias and some people being left behind. As the leaps are in many cases spearheaded by automation, AI and machine learning, I’m concerned that bias would creep in and leave some folks behind.

Mason Stevenson

Thinking about that challenge, what solution or strategy should HR deploy to address the issue?

Andrew Saidy

HR is/should be the guardian of a fair and just work environment and ecosystem, where each person’s chances of success are differentiated only based on their performance and behaviors. This being said HR should work towards preventing (1), constantly monitoring (2) and mitigating if need be (3).   

Mason Stevenson

Give me a 36,000 ft. view of your session.

Andrew Saidy

The war for talent is over. Talent has won. We live in an era where employees fully own their careers and can at any moment take their skills and go anywhere. With this in mind, companies need to make sure to win on the home front and retain their employees while keeping them engaged – this gave birth to the internal talent economy.

Mason Stevenson

What do you hope audience members will take away from the session?

Andrew Saidy

One:  AI is a powerful tool to engage, retain, motivate and develop existing employees.

Two:  There is so much untapped/unknown talent in organization that could be uncovered.

Mason Stevenson

Piece of advice you’d give every HR professional when dealing with future of work topics?

Andrew Saidy

Employees and the Employee Experience should always be your number one priority! Just like customer-centric organizations (amazon, apple, etc.) win big, employee-centric future of work initiatives win big.

Mason Stevenson

Piece of advice you’d give a new or aspiring HR professional?

Andrew Saidy

The business will often say what you are selling them is not a priority, too expensive, the organization is not ready yet… Double down on your efforts, keep knocking on doors and if door don’t open, use the window, air vents, etc.  

Continuing the Discussion

Saidy will be participating as a speaker in the HR Exchange Network’s HR and Future of Work online event.  To see who else is speaking at the event, the view the agenda or to register, click the link below.

HR and the Future of Work 2020

A new era of HR dawns. Where once HR ruled with the “one-size-fits-all” mentality, younger employees are rebuking the idea. Ideas like development, flexible scheduling, gig markets and remote work are the building blocks of their mission. This FREE online event will help HR professionals once again find their footing in these changing times while bringing together HR professionals who are successfully addressing the issues of diversity, personalization, and adapting to the future of work.

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