Scrambling Your Gigabytes: The HR Tech Online North America Summit is set for June

In recent years, human resources has undergone a very detailed and lengthy transformation. New concepts are being introduced regularly, as are new rules and regulations from state and federal lawmakers. Add to that a consistent flux in generational changes, and you can see how diverse the space has become.

A huge part of that change is the digital transformation of HR. To be more to the point, technology is disrupting many of the functions HR professionals perform each day. It can be a difficult concept to process when you consider all the technology that’s available to the community. In fact, it’s often described as being too “noisy”. This noise makes it more difficult for professionals to make the appropriate decisions when taking a critical eye to employing some form of technology.

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The HR Exchange Network’s HR Tech On-line Summit North America is being designed to help clear the noise for the HR community.

Our speakers include

  1. Sanjeev Sahgal. He’s the director of HR Shared Services for World Bank Group. Sahgal will focus his presentation on how WBG is trying to provide a better experience to staff with HR Services and technology and to make their work more effective.
  2. Michael Arena. He’s the Chief Talent Officer for General Motors. Arena will explain Organizational Network Analytics and what those are. He’ll also discuss GM’s journey with ONA and give tips on how to use the approach in other HR departments.
  3. Sebastin Girard is the Vice President and Chief Workforce Officer for Parkland Health & Hospital System. Girard’s presentation will focus on tapping into industry data and labor market trends to anticipate new skills and prepare employees for the future. He’ll also discuss some of the current technology available and what it means for employers looking to win the War on Talent.
  4. Alex Messer, a HR Business Partner at Pinnacle Entertainment, will speak about her company’s exploration into how data can better inform retention strategies. Messer will also focus her time on predictive analytics and how to be proactive and retain top integral talent.
  5. Paul Baldassari is also speaking during the online summit. He’s the Chief Human Resources Officer for technology manufacturer, Flex. He’ll be focused a series of different technological tools his company uses, including Artificial Intelligence.

As you can see, HR Tech Online Summit North America and its speakers will help sort out the details of the HR technology disruption and assist you through knowledge empowerment. This free to attend event allows you to dial in from the comfort of your desk and listen to HR leaders live or on demand. The HR Tech Online Summit North America is your place to find the latest headlines, tips, and trades on traveling this digital road.

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