Simplify Your Social Media Recruitment By Building Your Own Chatbot

Jessica Fender

Social Media Recuiting Chatbot_office with red robot standing on a desk

Modern companies use social media not only to entertain the target audience and build brand loyalty but also to recruit new employees. Today, with the help of the chatbots available at Facebook Messenger and other sources, it’s possible to find and hire perfect candidates in times faster than ever before.

Social Media Recruitment

If you also want to take your social media recruitment strategy to the next level, you should take a step toward the emerging technologies. Check the following reasons why you should build your own chatbot in the nearest future.

Replace your FAQ

HR managers get tons of emails and calls, which contain similar questions related to the job descriptions, basic requirements, corporate policies, medical insurance, salaries, and perks. It takes a lot of time to answer every applicant or redirect him to the FAQ page on the company’s website. For this reason, it’s a good idea to build a chatbot, which will be able to cope with this task faster than humans.

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You should write a winning dialogue for social media recruitment chatbot based on frequently asked questions. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the proper wording, which will help the robot to distinguish one topic from another without any errors.

Extract contact information

Another process, which chatbot can help to optimize, is a contact information extraction. Communicating via social networks, you can collect the emails and phone numbers of the candidates automatically. You can get a spreadsheet with all necessary data without putting any efforts.

Christopher K. Mercer, a digital entrepreneur and CEO at Citatior, says: “Intelligent chatbots are the best helpers for the recruiters. They can perform routine tasks like data collection and let specialists focus on more important objectives.”

Schedule the interviews and calls

Today, your future employee can make an appointment without contacting a representative of an HR department. Chatbot will help him to cope with this task in a hassle-free way. In fact, any company can afford to build a chatbot, which will provide an applicant with the available timing options and will ask him to make a choice.

If you want to keep up with the trends, you must build a chatbot. This is the most effective channel, which an applicant can use to schedule an interview or a call. Otherwise, if you ignore the modern technologies, you will lose an opportunity to hire the best professionals in your field.

Interview candidates

You can build a social media chatbot, which will ask the applicants to describe their education level, past experience, and career goals. This information will be collected and presented to a social media recruiter.

A chatbot is able to conduct a screening interview without any outside help. Candidates should simply type or copy and paste the answers on the basic questions. If chatbot is designed perfectly, then applicants will not even notice that they talk to a robot, not a human.

Response immediately

Modern people appreciate flexibility in work and in communication. They use social media to find the jobs at nights and weekends, so they really would like to get the answers from the companies 24/7. However, instead of hiring an HR specialist, which will work around the clock, you can build a chatbot.

You shouldn’t make your potential employees wait for a few hours or even days to talk to the HR specialist. Your chatbot can provide an automatic instant response. And if an applicant will contact your company at the time other than business hours, he will be able to get the information he looks for.

In Conclusion

Fantasy movies scare us with an idea that robots will substitute the humans in the workplace. But nowadays we can see that modern technologies do not steal existing jobs. Vice versa, they improve the standard working processes.

So, if you are looking for a solution, which will simplify your social media recruitment, feel free to design your own intelligent chatbot. It will help you to discover the new talents, which will breathe life into your company. Digital technologies are developing every day, so don’t miss a chance to get the benefits they bring.

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