Six Hints You May Be An HR Metrics Hero

Hannah Hager

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The 6 Hints You May Be An

HR Metrics Hero

posted on Nov. 11, 2015

Hannah Hager

HR Metrics Contributor

1. You’re not afraid of a little risk.

How you’re a hero: Perhaps you face numerous internal and external naysayers like FedEx Ground, when they implemented a contractor model. The company realized, however, that not all employees work in the same way. "We have found out that some people want a steady paycheck, and others want flexibility," Managing Director of HR planning and technology Matt Tokorcheck, told Bloomberg BNA. They were able to stymie resistance by using data mining to study retention, even in the face of resistance. That makes Matt Tokorcheck the hero of Workforce Supply and Demand in the Face of Talent Mobility. (Wednesday, March 2 at 10:15 a.m.)

2. You have more engagement channels than cable TV.

How you’re a hero:

Engagement channels have you reaching for the remote. You have continuous, multichannel feedback, having left traditional, annual employee- engagement surveys in the dust.

You have a broad framework to collect self-reported and behavioral data to track employee engagement and commitment in real-time. Shane McCauley, the Director of People Systems and Analytics at Twitter is the hero of Employee Engagement and How Continuous Listening Contributes to Your Bottom Line. (Tuesday, March 1 at 10 a.m.)

3. You’re adept at relationship building.

How you’re a hero: You see the beauty of when two companies become one. XL Catlin underwent a merger that integrated their operations to make them the eighth largest global P&C reinsurer. Deloitte University Press claims "the market for integrated talent management systems reached nearly $5 billion in 2014, and the market for human resources management systems (HRMS) is now over $12 billion." Cloud computing and analytics are powerful tools for success during a M&A.

Olga Burke, Global Head of HR Operations & Analytics, XL CATLIN is the hero of leveraging HCM Cloud Technology to support analytics in the newly integrated organization, and therefore, she’s the heroine of The Role of Analytics in Affecting Change Management (Wednesday, March 2 at 2 p.m.)

4. Volunteer turnover is of little threat to you.

How you’re a hero: You’ve built a retention strategy that outlines concrete actions and talent solutions to help reduce turnover. Like Deloitte, your predictive analytics use statistical modeling and visualization software to develop a retention solution. Kind of like Daniel Houston, the Director of HR Technology & Analytics at LUXOTTICA RETAIL N.A., the hero of

Predictive Turnover: Measuring the Impact of Employee Attrition. (Wednesday, March 2 at 11:30 a.m.)

5. You realize that your employees are people,

How you’re a hero: Amid the big data bandwagon, algorithms threaten to overtake common sense when determining whether someone is good for the job. You’re a hero if you’ve taken a step back in order to understand that the data you have is only as good as the questions you’re asking. Tom Osmond, Managing Director and Global Head of HR Platforms & Analytics, BlackRock, knows that a combination of factors, including culture, organizational design, technological constraints, decision- making norms and—of course—politics, all impact your journey beyond just having the right data and the right people. Tom is the hero of Lessons Learned at the Helm of People Analytics (The opening keynote on Tuesday, March 1 at 9:15 a.m.)

6. You’re not a commitment-phobe.

The Top HR Analytics for 2015

by Hannah Hager

How you’re a hero: You commit to long-term strategy – for better or for worse and through thick and thin. You’re able to quickly translate strategic vision into organizational success. You’re able to develop talent that improves individual, team and organizational performance. You’ve addressed critical resource challenges through analytics and you recruit from an end-to-end perspective, just like Lisa Pueschel, the Director of Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning, who is a hero at Superior Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) (March 1 at 3:30 p.m.)


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