HR News Beat: CIO taking Culture Change from HR?

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Could HR Lose Culture Change to CIO?

The digital transformation could end up in a loss for HR and a win for IT. As companies continue to embrace more and more technology, some believe the chief information officer is gaining power over culture change, a shift from a function dominated by the human resources department. According to ZDNet, the information technology department is better positioned now in “establishing the right business culture for organizations during a period of continuous change.” Gartner is backing up the claim saying it believes IT will be as responsible for culture change as HR within two years. For more, click here.


HR and Cybersecurity Education

HR professionals who are not regularly engaging with employees on cybersecurity concerns are doing a disservice to their organization. Katherine Jones with TechTarget writes employees, themselves, continue to be a top threat. That’s because employees make critical errors that put the company at risk for a cyber breach. It’s important to note employees are not doing this on purpose, but Jones writes they are not properly educated in ways to protect themselves and their respective companies.


HR Exchange Live focuses on the Future of Work

The HR Exchange Network has announced registration is open for its free-to-attend online event, HR Exchange Live: Future of Work. It’s set to take place on March 19-20, 2019.

HR Exchange Live brings together HR, Talent and Learning professionals who are responsible for the HR strategy within their organizations. Speakers, who are first in class, are holding sessions on making HR team members technologists, how to engage a growing remote workforce, and the role of culture in employer branding. Also part of the event: a panel discussion on Diversity and Inclusion. Topics will center on gender, race and age as well as hiring individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities and the formerly incarcerated.

To register for the free event, click here.