Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Knowledge Sharing Environments

Having a formal knowledge management strategy helps to foster continuous learning and group collaboration in order to tackle complex problems in an organization.

In this podcast, HR Today will talk with Professor Eric Y.H. Tsui about how to outline these strategies, what your KM strategy should look like, and the technological options available to facilitate innovation in your company. Eric is a practitioner in Knowledge Management and Vice President at Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society.

This podcast will also discuss:

  1. What are some geographical workforce challenges when it comes to learning and knowledge sharing within a multinational company?
  2. How should social learning be leveraged in a diverse, multigenerational environment?
  3. The increasing popularity of cloud computing and its impact on knowledge management and knowledge sharing.
  4. Examples of companies successfully using cloud intelligence?
  5. How a knowledge-enabled environment is structured, and who is responsible.
  6. The options available for an organization to implement a knowledge repository or a portal for group collaboration.