HR Metrics and C-List Buy In: What's Keeping Your CEO Up at Night?

Chris Archer

HR Departments are faced with decisions about which programs, initiatives and deliverables should be implemented almost on a daily basis. HR must compete for dollars and resources both within the HR Department and with other functional areas. Post recession, CEO’s are more risk adverse, therefore driving the need for HR to create a solid business case when competing for investment dollars. What if you had to choose between a wellness program and a new rewards and recognition program? How would you determine which of the two had the greatest impact on business results? This podcast will discuss:

1. The process for linking an initiative to a business outcome
2. The statistics and skills sets needed to perform an analysis
3. Tips on communicating business case to C-Suite using intelligence from analysis

This Human Resources IQ podcast, with special guest, Cathy Missildine-Martin, Chief Performance Officer from Intellectual Capital Consulting, will explore the difficult challenges of building a solid business case for investment in HR programs She also discuss how to measure softer results like employee engagement and satisfaction.