Linking HR Initiatives to Business Outcomes

Allan Hoving

Many organizations collect data in order to establish where there are today, but to be really successful in the metrics space they must move to utilizing metrics to forecast the future state of the business in order to proactively drive business decisions. Moreover, organizations must focus on having the right analytical skill sets in their HR organization that are best skilled to handle the progressive metric models. In this podcast interview with Allan Hoving, Steven Woolwine, Chief of Staff, Talent & Human Capital Services, Sears Holdings, discusses how to turn HR analytics into a competitive advantage.

• Turn metrics into analytics:
- Assess the state of the business
- Select metrics key to business outcomes
- Utilize analytics to drive change or increase focus on key

• Evaluate and recruit the most appropriate predictive HR metrics
- Analytical abilities to design, measure and study metrics
- Communication skill sets to best share findings with
- Engrain analytical skills into the entire HR organization