Running Training Like a Business: Delivering Unmistakable Value

Edward Trolley

Training is central to business success, and organizations world-wide have ramped up their investments in training and development to leverage return on investment. Many business leaders say that too often training operates like something separate from the business. It is important to transform training from running as a function to running like a business. When doing so, organizations can deliver the kind of value that results-minded executives recognize, appreciate, respect and increasingly demand.

The concept of running training like a business is to make training more effective and efficient in order to help businesses achieve their goals. Training organizations that fail to keep up with business face a battle for survival; and companies that can’t deliver valuable training to employees may in turn find themselves fighting for survival in the markets they serve.

Running training like a business reduces and may eliminate fixed costs for training and development and yields much more efficient forms of training activity. That frees substantial corporate resources for business leaders to invest in enhancing the core competencies of their companies.

Listen as author Ed Trolley moderates a panel of executive learning officers who discuss the key concepts of running training like a business and how they have been this applied to organizations.

Panelists include:
Ray Stevens, Staples University
Martha Soehren and Dan Gallagher, Comcast Cable
Annette Thompson, Farmers Insurance