Kronos Video Illustrates Evolution of Work Week

LAS VEGAS, November 2010 – Kronos Incorporated has released a video which highlights how the work week has evolved through labor regulations, technological innovations, and shifting workplace norms. The video (accessible here) is the second in a series of impactful videos by Kronos (in collaboration with XPlane) that illustrate the ever-changing global workforce. The first video in the series, "How Will You Manage?" has been viewed more than 40,000 times on YouTube.

The "How Will Your Week Work?" video provides startling work week facts such as:

40 percent of workers say they bring work home to complete at night or work overtime, at least once a week

15 percent of people admit that they are addicted to email – some confessed to checking their email at the beach, weddings, and even at funerals

The number of workers who work remotely is on the rise – in 2009, 28 percent of the global workforce worked remotely and by 2016, an expected 43 percent of the workforce will become remote workers; studies show that working remotely improves productivity by 15 percent

Workplace perks for some workers include the option to work four 10-hour work days, access to onsite medical centers, or the use of a company car
When it comes to vacation time, the number of vacation days given to workers varies across the globe – and a whopping 26 percent of Americans state that they never take vacations

One out of four people state that they work during the weekend, and more than 62 percent of workers say that they check their work email over the weekend