Moxie Software Enhances Employee Engagement

November 8, 2010 — Moxie Software (formerly nGenera) has announced the Winter 2010 release of its social enterprise software platform, Spaces by Moxie. With this new release, Moxie’s award-winning Knowledgebase already available in Customer Engagement Spaces is now integrated with Employee Engagement Spaces, bridging the gap between customer-facing and employee collaboration, and allowing enterprises to capture and share knowledge between employees, trusted partners, and customers.

The Winter 2010 edition also includes major functionality enhancements, as well as an integration framework that provides pre-built integration plug-ins to all major enterprise applications—enabling system, application and data level access from within Spaces by Moxie.

"Companies have traditionally segmented their external communities from their internal enterprise collaboration and knowledge sharing, but the real value and power comes from bridging the two," said Esteban Kolsky, principal and founder, ThinkJar. "The integration of Moxie’s powerful Knowledgebase, linking its support community and employee engagement solutions, is a real breakthrough in the way companies collaborate and engage with each other, their partners and customers—ultimately driving revenue and productivity."

Developed in collaboration with IDEO, a global design and innovation firm, Employee Engagement Spaces connects employees and trusted business partners, enhancing collaboration and innovation in the workplace. With the integration of Moxie’s Knowledgebase to Employee Engagement Spaces, companies can now reap the benefits of true collaboration and information shared across both internal and external communities.

Designed around the way people work, Employee Engagement Spaces can be easily customized to integrate into organizations’ cultures, workflows, internal structures and data sources. Building on that philosophy, the Winter 2010 release includes several new features that enhance existing workflows and enable companies to maximize their technology investments:

  • An integration framework that provides pre-built integration to all major enterprise applications

  • Integration with SharePoint: Leverage SharePoint’s document repository, workflow and approval capabilities from within Employee Engagement Spaces™

  • Integration with MS Exchange: Calendar synchronization and ability to email content into discussion groups

  • Enhanced Micro blogging with real-time notifications

  • Enhanced Projects allows employees to collaborate around projects

  • Virtual Private Cloud for companies that require a segmented/private location for their data