Firing Line with Bill Kutik: How Technology is Changing HR

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You can still see the replay of the premiere episode of Firing Line with Bill Kutik – the new hit video interview series about HR technology.

Bill’s first guest was Charles Jones, Chairman & CEO of Peoplefluent, the leading Talent Management vendor.

On the industry’s first video talk show, Charles and Bill discussed issues critical to every HR practitioner, including:

  • The major ways technology is changing HR
  • The ways social media will be used in the enterprise.
  • How the iPad will simply change everything.
  • Employees will become the "consumer of work" and gain new power in the employment relationship.
  • An explanation of "gamification" and its coming role in HR.
  • And much more….

Building on nearly four years of hosting The Bill Kutik Radio Show®, Firing Line with Bill Kutik is a series of video interviews with CEO’s of leading HCM vendors – more about what they think, than about what they sell. Because every day, they are changing the technology landscape and workplace for HR practitioners.

Don’t miss the 30-minute season premiere, which debuted on September 29.

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