6 Articles Every HR Pro Should Read from Q1

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David Rice

6 articles for HR pros

We know you’re busy and keeping up with all the HR news over the course of a week or month can get lost in the shuffle as you balance work and life.
Priorities are shifting in 2021 and there’s no shortage of new challenges for HR to take on, so to help you get straight to the best content for HR professionals over the last few months, we’ve handpicked 6 pieces of content from Q1 that every HR professional should read.

1. Post Pandemic: The Case for the Suburban Downtown Office

The commercial real estate seen is changing quickly as companies rethink their need for office space following the pandemic. As remote work has proven viable, many are wondering if they need the expensive office spaces they spent so much time creating pre-pandemic. It’s a conversation HR is going to play a part in and will need to consider the demand for space from employees and what functions that space needs to serve.

This article from our friends over at the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network ponders the reality of what is needed and where companies ought to be looking so that moving forward, company spaces are located in places that make the most sense for employees.

2. Empower Good Processes with Strong Communication

At a time where HR is at the center of creating and regulating quickly changing companywide processes, it’s a good time to take a look at your approach to process and in particular, how your ability to communicate impacts process.

This examination of process communication from the folks over at PEX Network digs deeper into what you need about your communication style and provides tips on how to drive process improvement with your ability to communicate.

3. 5 Cyber Security Basics for Every Enterprise

With so much of the workforce remote and HR working with IT to integrate and implement new technology at a faster rate than ever before, it’s never a bad idea to make sure you’re well versed in cybersecurity basics.

Our friends over at Cyber Security Hub have provided some basics to know that are applicable to any enterprise regardless of size or industry as part of a new series their putting together!

4. Q&A: Nichelle Grant Joins HR Exchange Advisory Board

Time for a little self-promotion. We recently added Nichelle Grant, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Siemens USA to our advisory board. Nichelle is an experienced DEI leader and has worked with Siemens in the area for more than a decade.

Read the interview we recently conducted with her to find out how she’s worked to diversify the company’s supply chain, adapt with the changes of the DEI landscape and more.

5. Employee was Hired Remotely During the Pandemic and Feels Disconnected: Ask HR

If you’re not reading Johnny C. Taylor’s recurring Q&A style HR focused column for USA Today called “Ask HR”, it’s worth checking out. In his latest edition, he answers questions around bedding into a new job remotely and trying to get a new job in HR.

6. HR Technology 2021: the HR Tech Marketplace

HR industry analyst Josh Bersin’s latest report is out and it centers on the HR tech marketplace. In it, Bersin outlines the context of HR tech development, the environment around it and investment that major players are putting into creating solutions that cover a variety of segments. It’s a worth read for any HR professional looking at new technology and wondering what to expect next.

Talent Acquisition: HR’s Guide For Finding the Best Talent

Talent Acquisition (TA) is more than just a strategy. It’s about creating a framework that helps an organization hire smarter. In the guide below, the HR Exchange Network explores the topic of TA in more detail. It takes a look at the current state of affairs, strategies, and what talent acquisition leaders should expect in the coming years.