HR News Beat: 11 HR Myths to Dispel

11 HR Myths to Dispel_architecture-buildings-burj-khalifa-1688504

It’s been a busy week for HR news.  Articles focused on myths that HR needs to dispel, challenges facing the modern human resources manager, and a question on whether intuition is important when hiring and promoting staff.



HR News Beat

11 Human Resources Myths Your HR Department Wants To Dispel

Myths persist around the HR space. Some are nonsensical while others can do real damage to a department. In their latest article, Forbes spoke with HR professionals about which myths needed to be dispelled for the betterment of human resources.  Some included using HR as a substitute for communicating with co-workers and seeing HR as decision makers while others indicated HR only cares about compliance and HR only takes the company’s side.  You can read more about those myths and eight others by clicking here.


Challenges Facing Modern Human Resources Managers

“The job duties for human resource managers have evolved quickly in the 21st century.”

That is a massive understatement.  As the New England College correctly points out in their article, HR professionals are taking on much larger roles within the organization, especially in terms of strategy and aligning it with the business goals.  The article focuses on four major challenges for HR managers.  Those include:

  1. Finding talent
  2. Training and reskilling programs for employees
  3. Online learning

More information for each can be found here.


Is Intuition important when hiring and promoting staff?

Intuition has become a critical component to the recruiting process.  According to a new report out from Signium, 96% of those surveyed say its important when hiring a new employee or promoting a current staff member.  As pointed out by Human Resources Online, this “challenges the traditional executive search methods which rely on the data-driven competency models and psychometric testing, showing that ‘softer’ intuitive skills are just as essential in recruitment decision making.”  To read more about the report and its findings, click here.


HR Exchange Live:  Future of Work Reviewed

The future of work is being brought into focus as part of HR Exchange Live:  Future of Work.  Day 1 of the premier online event emphasized technology, culture, worker generations, coaching and diversity while Day 2 emphasized the remote workforce, employer branding, and the new reality of employees ruling the roost.  Read a review of Day 1 here and Day 2 here.