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Contributor: Casey Sanchez
Posted: 05/23/2017
HREN_Casey Sanchez
A world away from “personnel and paydays,” today’s CHRO is a conductor of People and Productivity. If anything, HR chiefs lose sleep over the same questions that vex the rest of the C-Suite.  What is the real cost of a departing employee? Will video interviews get me to hire faster? How do I keep our training from getting boring? When can I st Full Article »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 06/02/2017
William Cohen, Ph.D.
One of the most important and useful competencies that I learned as a general, was how to innovate and how to implement innovation. Both are essential and this knowledge and ability helped me to become and perform as a general, and in the civilian world as a senior executive and CEO as well. I also learned that unless you can do both, innovation Full Column »
Posted: 05/24/2010
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