Top 5 Reasons to Attend the HR Tech Online Summit

5 Reasons to Attend the HR Tech Summit_happy young man with virtual reality headset

The HR tech industry is worth more than $400 billion. And it makes sense.  Technology for the HR space continues to develop and evolve.  Now more than ever before, leaders have access to a plethora of technology solutions that address every need they may have now and in the future.  And if they can’t find what they are looking for, they can simply build it.

In that way, it is becoming more critical HR continue its quest to become a strategic partner to the business.

To help, for the second year in a row the HR Exchange Network is producing the HR Tech Online Summit North America event.  For two days, HR professionals will be able to attend a series of back-to-back webinars on HR technology.  Here are 5 reasons to attend the HR Tech Online Summit North America.

  1. Focus the HR tech noise

The HR space continues to exist in a state of disruption.  In a lot of ways, professionals have become accustomed to living in that reality.  That’s one reason knowledge sharing is so important.  When HR leaders have an opportunity to share their knowledge with one another, it makes managing the disruption that much easier.

Sessions during the HR Tech Online Summit are designed to allow presenters an opportunity to share their veritable amounts of information with their compatriots. In most cases, the information being shared is presented with a case study approach and often includes real, actionable steps that can be applied across HR in different industries.

  1. Key Themes

We have a large selection of topics for the event. Key themes include:

  • Creating an HR department more strategy-focused and less transactional with automation and RPA
  • How to integrate AI into your overall strategy to remain agile, relevant and competitive
  • Effectively using recruitment technologies to find the best talent available for your organization to sustain business growth and survival
  • Becoming proficient at understanding and using data through effective application of people analytics
  • Consolidating your employee experience strategy to increase engagement, development and retention
  • Leveraging video, social media, gamification and microlearning to increase employee engagement

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  1. Industry representation

This year, the HR Exchange Network has again raised the bar in terms of seeking speakers from different industries.  Some notable examples include speakers from the financial, medical, industrial field and automotive industries.  A sampling of the event’s speaking faculty includes:

  • Robert Lanning, Director of HRIS and People Analytics, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Ekta Vyas, Director of Human Resources, Stanford Children’s Health
  • Paul Baldassari, EVP, Strategic Programs and Asset Management, Flex
  • Eric Torigian, VP & Assistant General Manager of Global HR, Akebono Brake USA

For more speakers, check out the website for the HR Tech Online Summit North America.

  1. Question & Answer Session

Each session has time built in for questions and answers. Not only will attendees have a chance to hear from some of the best thought leaders in the HR tech space, they’ll have an opportunity to pick speakers’ brains on the topics that matter most to them. Why did they choose a particular strategy over another? What was the outcome? How do employees respond? There is no limit to the types of questions that can be asked.

  1. Free-to-Attend

There is no cost for attending HR Tech Online Summit North America.  The only thing the HR professional needs to do is sign up.  And because it is online, there is no travel associated with the event.  Attendees can sign in from anywhere:  the office, the park, home.  Anywhere there is access to the internet.

Registeration Open

HR Tech Online Summit Northa America is set for June 11-12. Presentations begin at 12p Eastern Time on both days. To read more about the event, see the agenda, and to register, click here.