Top 5 Learning & Development Trends of 2018

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2018 was undoubtedly a year of change for Learning & Development Professionals. Rapidly developing technologies, coupled with emerging insights on the impact continuous learning strategies have on workforce success, has proven that modern organizations must adapt to the trends - or die trying.

Throughout this year, the CLO Exchange Series brought together L&D Executives from over 200 of the world’s leading enterprise organizations to discuss those trends that have made the biggest impact on them. Based on their feedback, these are the Top 5 L&D Trends of 2018:

  1. Video Learning

                SmallBizTrends estimates that by 2019, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. This statistic might seem far-fetched, but it makes sense – would you rather read a manual on how to change the oil in your car, or watch a 5-minute YouTube video where someone shows you how to do it? Early-adopters like Kaltura have already leveraged this growing demand in 2018 by developing innovative solutions like Choice-Based Interactive Video.  Who knows what we’ll see next?

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  1. Learning Analytics

                In today’s digital age, data is king. It has its hands in every single aspect of an organization - and L&D is no exception. Modern CLOs (at least the ones worth their weight) are turning to analytics in order to uncover which of their initiatives are working and which are not. It also allows them to convey the value of continuous learning & development to stakeholders in a way that’s actually tangible, which is imperative for a department like L&D who’s results are usually difficult to quantify monetarily.

  1. Gamification

                Thirty years ago, you could hand an employee a handbook and tell them “Here, this has everything you need to know. Read it.” And although they might skim through it, their ability to recall that information would be questionable at best. Luckily, gamification has revolutionized employee learning and development by offering a fun, interactive way to gain knowledge. Studies like this one from Chief Learning Officer Media have proven that learners who received training through games perform significantly better on both retention and accuracy tests. Clearly, this isn’t some fad to appeal to millennials… it’s just plain good for business. 

  1. Frontline Leadership Development

For years, we’ve seen this scenario play out - Top sales rep gets promoted to manager, doesn’t get proper leadership training, ends up being a terrible manager, causes their employees to have low morale and high turnover, and ultimately hurts the bottom line of the business. In 2018, however, organizations are more aware of this problem than ever before and CLOs are finally dedicating major time and resources into proper leadership training for these Frontline Managers.

  1. Mobile Learning

                L&D leaders in 2018 are realizing that, in order for their training initiatives to succeed, they must meet learners where they are. In this digital age, that means implementing these initiatives on a mobile platform that employees can easily access straight from their smartphone or tablet. In fact, one study from CLO Magazine concluded that 70% of respondents reported increased motivation to learn when done so on a mobile device. It's no wonder that by 2020, Mobile Learning is estimated to become a $70 Billion industry. 

Ready to see what 2019 has in store for L&D? 

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