CLO Exchange - Day 2 Review

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CLO Day 2_Group of students attending training course at school

Transformation and innovation are two words that describe Day Two of the Chief Learning Officer Exchange underway in Austin, Texas.

Facebook Transformation

The first session of the day was conducted by Facebook Head of Leadership Development Kate Berardo.  She passionately believes cultivating the best learning experience starts with shifting the way companies approach learning. Berardo said innovation starts once learning professionals stop trying to be at the center of learning and start putting it into the hands of more people.

Courtesy:  Mason Stevenson

At Facebook, they leverage advanced technologies like virtual reality for some solutions, yet some of their most transformative learning experiences involve little content, zero technology—and often limited L&D involvement. To accomplish this, Facebook follows a simply methodology:  to think differently.  To accomplish this, Berardo shared four design principles that shape how they think about creating powerful learning at Facebook.

  1. Enabling leadership at all levels
  2. Democratize learning
  3. Create learning communities
  4. Build systems, not solutions

Measuring ROI

With today’s challenging economy, L&D budgets are receiving more scrutiny than ever. A lot of that comes back to measuring ROI.  It’s something all executives want to know about learning programs.

Courtesy:  Mason Stevenson

According to Marshall Friday, the Director of Learning and Development – Execution and Impact for ADT, it’s all about knowing what executives want measured.  From there, Friday said that information can be used to build or create a learning system that achieves the desired outcomes.  Of course, another piece of that is the feedback from employees.  ADT thrives on that learner feedback to inform programs and cirriculum.

Healthy relationship with Risk

Every learning professional has dealt with this issue:  trying to figure out the best way to deliver learning.  And every one has a different strategy for figuring out the answer to that particular query.  One thing is for certain, learning professionals have to be comfortable with risk.  Daniel Hill is the Vice President and Chief Learning Officer for AAA – The Auto Club Group.  He said for them, it’s all about piloting.  In the past they’ve had to attempt teaching content multiple ways before figuring out the best one in terms of ROI.  A huge part of that though is the willingness to fail and then learn from that failure.

Looking to Day 3

Day 3 is the final day of the Chief Learning Officer Exchange.  Themes will focus on redefining learning for the modern learner and continuous learning in the age of automation.

HR Exchange Network editor-in-chief Mason Stevenson is in Austin covering the CLO Exchange.  Get live updates on the event from Twitter.  Make sure to follow Exchange_HR and #CLOEXCHANGE

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