Adaptability of Learning at NBC Universal

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Adaptability is the name of the game for HR professionals.  It has become a critical component of nearly every strategy in the space, especially learning.


An easy answer to the question is technology.  Another:  the changing workforce.  In this time of flux, the adaptability of learning can help support the continued development of workers.

Adaptability of Learning

“How we did things five years ago is not how we do things now and how we’re doing things next year.  That cuts across a variety of different things,” Terence Morley said.  He’s the director of talent development at NBC Universal.

Specifically, Morley pointed to measuring the impact of training programs or an employee engagement initiative.  And these aren’t specific to NBC Universal.  In fact, they transcend industry.  More importantly though, he pointed to a single question all learning professionals within the HR space should consider.

“Identify what you are trying to do and what does success look like to you,” Morley said.

And it’s hard.  Morley gave the example of trying to influence others.

“How do you measure that?  Is it just… did I influence you?  Yes or no.  Am I making you a better leader?  Yes or no,” Morley said.

Morley went in to great detail on several other topics within the adaptability of learning in a recorded interview with HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson.  The interview can be viewed below.