Learning Together! How Intel Operates a Learning Community of Practice

Learning at Intel is a highly decentralized matrix of over 50 training groups, with no CLO. Intel’s Learning Community of Practice (LCoP) is one of the only forums that brings together practitioners from across the company, existing to share best methods and key learnings, solve problems, and create connectedness.

Allison Anderson is the Learning Innovation and Technology Program Manager at
Intel Corporation. She joins Corporate University Network to tell us how the LCoP grew from a handful of training developers to over 400 learning professionals across the globe, serving as a guide and sounding board as Intel embraced technology for learning.

This video will discuss:

  1. The structure and the challenges that led Intel to its current state of learning & development?
  2. How Intel brings together practitioners from across the company with no CLO and when it is so highly decentralized
  3. Why Intel chose technology-based learning
  4. Key steps to building this initiative
  5. Top lessons learned
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