Top 6 reasons you should attend HR Exchange LIVE: Corporate Learning

We’re almost there! HR Exchange LIVE: Corporate Learning is around the corner. 

It isn’t customary for me to share my emotions as the editor, but I feel the need to express my genuine excitement about the online event.

Don’t worry. There’s still time to register for it. If you’re on the fence about attending, here are 6 reasons to get you over the hump.

6. It’s FREE!                               

Seriously. It’s free. Why? The HR Exchange Network believes in the sharing of knowledge. We can all agree that the HR space itself is in a complete state of disruption. Reasons for this include technology, the #MeToo movement, new laws, the generational divide and this list continues to grow.

Just like the HR space, corporate learning is also in a state of disruption and for many of the same reasons. Take technology, for instance. It’s moved learning, in some ways, away from the classroom and to an employee’s smartphone or tablet. In other words, it has become mobile. Not only is it mobile, but it’s fast. Microlearning happens in just a few minutes as compared to a 2-3 hour seminar. And learning has become multitasked meaning employees are focused not just on learning, but doing so while working.

5. It’s online, so NO TRAVEL involved!

Sign in from anywhere. You can sit in your office at work, or in the park. Anywhere you have access to the internet. There’s no need to pack a suitcase, get to the airport, fly to your destination, and so on. We bring the presentations to a laptop or tablet near you.

4. Q&A

Each session has time built in for questions and answers. Not only will you have a chance to hear from some of the best thought leaders in the corporate learning space, you will have an opportunity to pick their brains on the topic that matter most to you. Why did they choose a particular strategy over another? What was the outcome? How do employees respond? There is no limit to the types of questions that can be asked.

3. Topics

We’ve put together an impressive amount of content for the event. There are a plethora of topics some of which include aligning learning strategies with business goals, creating a learning culture, developing the 21st Century employee, leadership transformation, and the generational divide.

2. Case studies

Both days are filled with fantastic case studies. Company representatives will discuss their initial learning challenges, what they decided to do to address those challenges, and what the outcome has been. They’ll also have an opportunity to address where they are headed and how they’ve had to alter their strategies.

1. Speakers and Sponsors

The top reason to attend the HR Exchange LIVE: Corporate Learning online event is the speakers and the sponsors. We have a phenomenal speaking faculty. These individuals truly are thought leaders and innovators when it comes to the learning function within the HR space. Our team has spent hours talking to each about the topics being covered and we’re in awe of their knowledge and their track records for finding success in their respective companies and organizations.


First, our sponsors:


Now, our speakers.

HR Exchange LIVE: Corporate Learning is set for September 19-20. Presentations begin at 2p Eastern Time on both days. To read more about the event, see the agenda, and to register, click here.