HR Heroics in Learning

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Heroes exist in many different forms, even in HR. When it comes to learning, however, it’s a whole new ballgame.

It started a long time ago.

“I remember taking an anthropology course and hearing that almost all cultures of all recorded time… the people within the cultures had some sort of hero. And that stuck with me for years and years,” Corey Rewis said. The Bank of America learning executive discussed the topic in a one-on-one interview with HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson.

HR Heroics 

“People just have this need for heroes. We want to see them. We want to see them in the news,” Rewis said. “We see them in movie theaters or we’re reading about them in books. So, I often thing about that in the workplace.”

Even though so might consider the idea of heroes in learning a stretch, Rewis says it begs two questions: what would make a learning hero to the organization and what is it that makes somebody heroic in learning?

Challenges that Transcend Industry

As learning professionals know, challenges abound with each respective business. Having said that though, there are a litany of challenges that exist for all learning professionals regardless of industry.

From Rewis’ perspective, one of those includes resources.

“There’s more great work to be done than there are capital resources to do it,” Rewis said.

Another challenge that Rewis said transcends industry is the fact that the expectation or value of learning is increasing dramatically.

Learn more in the video interview below.


VIDEO:  Adaptability of Learning at NBC Universal


Biography:  Corey Rewis

Corey Rewis leads the Learning Management function for Bank of America’s Global Wealth and Investment Management line  of  business.  As a  senior  leader  in  the  Regulatory,  Enterprise,  Learning  and Professional Development organization, Corey leads the end-to-end Learning and Development function for over 30,000 client facing employees serving affluent to ultra-high net worth clients.

In addition to his role in RELPD, leading the Learning function for GWIM, Corey also serves as an HR partner for the Market President organization.  While  serving  as  a  Market  HR  partner,  the  market  Corey  supports  has  been  ranked  #1  for Community Markets, two out of the past three years and has consistently achieved employee satisfaction and engagement results that outpace the Community Markets average nationally.

Corey has been with Bank of America for 22 years and has held multiple leadership positions in Learning & Leadership Development, serving the Retail Bank, the Global Commercial Bank and Global Wealth and Investments Management. He is an Award of Excellence recipient (top 1% of leaders at Bank of America), has been awarded 5 consecutive Brandon Hall Gold  Awards  for  business  results  achieved  through  sales  training  programs,  and  has  presented  at  the International Masie Conference, Corporate Learning Week, SIFMA, and the Certified Financial Planner Firms Summit. Corey has been a student and practitioner of adult learning theory, leadership development principles and executive coaching for the past 20 years. He has studied Human Development at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, possesses an MBA in Human Resources Management and a BA in Organizational Management. Corey is six-sigma green belt certified, Hogan certified, a KFALP certified coach and is a certified to deliver multiple training programs, including the Covey 7 Habits® programs for individuals and managers. Corey is an active advocate for children with disabilities. He has led a 401c3 organization promoting specialized education for disabled children, presented to the national board of directors of the Make a Wish® organization and currently volunteers his time supporting competitive athletic programs for disabled children. He is a former U.S. Marine and a decorated combat veteran.