Automating Employee Documentation to Maximize Security

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For HR, holding and securing critical employee documents is not only important, but mandatory due to strict government policies. Especially when you consider new laws being created at all levels of government. Without an effective file plan and document management solution, the whirl-wind of paperwork can overwhelm even the best HR departments. Automating time-consuming paper processes can help HR professionals meet regulatory compliance, protect sensitive files and make it available for quick and easy access.

Watch this 13 minute tech demo to see how a cloud-based file management solution can increase efficiency in your department, shifting the focus of your team to a more strategic role.

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Key takeaways:

  • How digital documents help secure sensitive employee and company data
  • Implementing policies and creating retention schedules in complex, compliance heavy organizations
  • Avoiding hefty fines through retention scheduling
  • Automating employee document management to increase productivity