Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Employee Turnover

The tools to tell you who’s going to leave and why

Culture Amp

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Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Employee Turnover

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Imagine a tool that provides HR professionals with the ability to predict employee turnover.  Almost sounds like a crystal ball, or at the very least a statement that is too good to be true.  Thanks to Culture Amp the tool to address the issue of employee turnover actually exists.

In their latest whitepaper, Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Employee Turnover, Culture Amp explains how to find the high risk groups in an organisation that are most likely to leave.  It’s based off data collected from thousands of companies around the world. Furthermore, the resource shares why it’s important for organisations to know this, the reasons why it’s happening and how to take immediate action to improve retention. 

Key takeaways include:

  1. How to be more strategic with your people data
  2. How to predict employee turnover to improve retention
  3. How to uncover cost savings with an easy-to-use tool